“In today’s world, ‘Harmony’ is an emotionally powerful musical of the greatest import.”
— Chicago Tribune

Who inspired the creation of The Comedian Harmonists?

Jan 10, 2024

Who or what inspired the creation of The Comedian Harmonists? In 1927, Harry Frommermann was inspired by The Revelers, a popular vocal group from the United States. He wanted to use a similar format but create the German equivalent. That is just what he did! 


There were a few specific elements that sparked Frommermann’s vision for The Comedian Harmonists: 


Close Harmony Singing: Impressed by the seamless blend of five voices in The Revelers, Frommermann envisioned a similar format for his German group.


Genre Fusion: The Reveler’s repertoire incorporated elements of jazz, vaudeville, and popular music, showcasing versatility and appeal to a wider audience. This inspired Frommermann to blend classical and contemporary styles in the Comedian Harmonists’ music.

Stage Presence and Humor: The Reveler’s performances were filled with energy, comedic banter, and synchronized movement, which influenced Frommermann’s focus on stagecraft and humor as integral parts of the Comedian Harmonists’ act.