“In today’s world, ‘Harmony’ is an emotionally powerful musical of the greatest import.”
— Chicago Tribune

New Musicals on Broadway: 10 Reasons Why You Should See Harmony: A New Musical

Jan 15, 2024

Seeing new Broadway shows is like stepping into a portal of vibrant storytelling. It’s not just entertainment; it’s a celebration of art, pushing boundaries with original music, dazzling sets, and powerful performances. You’ll laugh, cry, and connect with characters grappling with real-world issues, leaving you with a fresh perspective and a head full of catchy tunes.


Each new show is a unique experience, nourishing your creativity, sparking conversation, and reminding us of the beauty of shared laughter and tears in a darkened theater. It’s a vital pulse of our culture, keeping its stories alive and evolving, and that’s why embracing the new on Broadway is an experience worth savoring.


Here are 10 reasons why you should see Harmony: A New Musical on Broadway: 

  1. It’s a true story!
  2. It’s a brand-new musical with a classic musical theatre sound.
  3. It consists of original music by Barry Manilow.
  4. Its book, written by Bruce Sussman, won the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Book of a Musical.
  5. It has a phenomenal cast including Broadway favorites Chip Zien, Sierra Boggess, and Julie Benko.
  6. Tony Award-winner, Warren Carlyle, expertly directed and choreographed the production.
  7. You’ll learn about a historical musical group you probably have never heard about before. 
  8. The costumes were brilliantly designed by Tony Award Winners, Linda Cho and Ricky Lurie.
  9. You will enjoy comedic elements, as well as historical drama.
  10. It’s an incredibly timely story.